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Iced____0ut t1_iwxlr6u wrote

Nah, I’m a bit abrasive, I’ve been to therapy plenty. Your self righteousness is part of why you need therapy.


hey_dougz0r t1_iwxvxpt wrote

Good lord. Your entire comment is unabashed projection. "Abrasive" is a kind word to describe your post history.


Iced____0ut t1_iwyvzu5 wrote

Ahh yes, it would be so much better to be like you, a condescending prick with an over inflated ego.


hey_dougz0r t1_iwzlctw wrote

You made the choice to comment to me, just the same as I chose to initially comment to u/JimmminyCricket and to reply to you now. You could have passed on by but instead you decided to lower yourself into the gutter you believe me to be in by telling me I need therapy - not for my own well-being, mind you - "for the betterment of society." (And you have the audacity to suggest I am being self-righteous?)

Your comments to me have actually been worse than the other redditor to whom I initially responded. You've weaponized the appearance of concern for my mental health in order to give vent to more of your own anger. What's more, the balance of your reddit presence calls into question whether you actually care about the betterment of society. You certainly spend far more time hurling anger than trying to be constructive in your interactions with other redditors.

If you've actually attended therapy I applaud you for it. I am not going to criticize you for that in any way. Even so, your comments to me do not appear in any way to come from a good place.