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Spoken like someone who has no idea what it like to deal with disassociation. It’s not “time traveling your consciousness,” it’s literally feeling like you’re not real and nothing else around you is, either. Accompanied with a side of dread.


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Having hallucinations intentionally induced by taking psychedelics is not the same thing as experiencing disassociation as a result of anxiety and depression. At all.

Edit: Psychedelics have actually been studied for decades as a treatment for anxiety/depression. One could argue that they actually do the opposite of induce disassociation, they make you feel more connected to your surroundings and self.


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Maybe actually try reading the actual post instead of going on what some classmate in high school told you.

This reeks of "I read it on social media so it must be true" because it shows such a lack of even basic understanding of how mental health works and how things like anxiety and depression is anything but a choice or something one can even control.


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Aaaaand clearly you’re tone deaf, too. What you’re describing is not disassociation, and people misunderstanding what dissociation actually is was the entire point of this post.


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With how detached most of society seems to be from very real, existential issues that we're rapidly approaching, I'd say we've done a pretty good job of mass-inducing a dissociative fugue state already.


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Not drugs but my gf fully does this. The down side is nothing is actually different when she comes back


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You're in luck, there's now a ketamine spray that probably does just this with enough squirts!!