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Zeebuss t1_ixsckrg wrote

That Isn't dissociation, it's a very normal part of how tedious repetitive actions get wiped from memory.


Gloriathewitch t1_ixspwld wrote

Dissociation can manifest that way too though, the mind kinda says "we don't need this, this is boring and or useless" and erases it.

A lot of people with dissociative disorders also have dissociative amnesia which is a real thing.

Particularly amnesia around trauma or identity in the case of DID


iaintevenmad884 t1_ixtb8kg wrote

I think they’re thinking that the car thing can be classified as dissociation, and it can be a sign of depression and other disorders that cause dissociation, but that specific thing in the car also happens to otherwise mentally well people who are just tired and taking a regular route home. Of course, they presented it poorly