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linderlady t1_ixsfjx1 wrote

All I do is smoke, and try not to think. I feel like I have Alzheimer's. I thought it was post Covid brain fog, then I thought it was CPTSD, now I'm wondering if it's depression all along. I have memory loss, aphasia, fatigue, and extreme apathy to the point of pre- agoraphobia. I can't remember my childhood, or exactly how I met my S.O. You are not alone.


Rinas-the-name t1_ixsq634 wrote

That really could be a type of brain fog (I have multiple brain fog causing… things - word is gone). I just read that it is an inflammatory response that gets stuck “on”, and it prevents us from accessing memories, but they are still there. I hope so. I feel like my brain just drops stuff all the time, and I can’t remember if I did something today or yesterday or did I just think about doing it. Every time I need a specific word I can’t remember it, I know I know it, I just can’t make it come to me. Drives me crazy. It feels like slow insanity, I think a lot, but not useful stuff.
Like a hamster on a wheel, going nowhere.


Kaelaface t1_ixswn79 wrote

Have you had any luck running down a cause? I e wondered if I have early onset dementia because of what you just described.


allegate t1_ixtbojc wrote

I did, and had the man woman television test that TFG was so proud of. Said everything but for my short term memory was fine, but that the STM was effed. That was only a little while ago though so we haven’t moved to treatment options. ADHD was ruled out, as was autism. Trying sleep apnea next as a maybe.


queensnuggles t1_ixucku6 wrote

There are several threads related to CPTSD and trauma responses fight/flight/freeze/fawn. I find them all very helpful. I believe trauma is the cause of our issues. Adverse childhood experiences, acute shock traumas, abuse, neglect, benign neglect, chronic stress…etc.

Books like “no bad parts” Richard Schwartz, “the body keeps the score” Bessel Van Der Kolk, “healing developmental trauma” Lawrence Heller, and another book by Peter Walker I can’t remember. All of these authors know what’s up. This is the future of mental health.


Rinas-the-name t1_ixwamhi wrote

Sorry I’m slow. I have had Fibromyalgia and ME (formerly chronic fatigue syndrome) for my entire adult life. I have an intractable migraine, but that is now 5 years old (migraine causes similar brain problems).

I caught Covid for the first time in June. So the worst of it seems to be post viral syndrome for me, Covid must have really pissed of my immune system.

Scientists are actively studying brain fog now that so many people have it. That means lots of money for research, and a higher chance for treatment. I don’t know how we are supposed to survive until then though. If you’ve had Covid it’s more likely that you just have brain fog, which should be far more treatable.


Kaelaface t1_ixx32s5 wrote

Oh that all sounds terrible. I’m really sorry you’re going through all of that. I haven’t had COVID to my knowledge. I hope that the new focus brings some breakthroughs for you.


Rinas-the-name t1_ixy6oqw wrote

Post viral syndromes have existed forever, some of us just have paranoid immune systems. Just about any virus could cause it, or exacerbate it. Things like RSV, the flu, and mono in particular. Perhaps chicken pox for those of us who were pre-vaccine kids. I caught some virus or another a couple times per school year, who knows which one broke the camel’s back.

If we actually had to survive in the wild then the tendency to develop post viral syndromes would have been wiped out quick.
Idiocracy may actually be infectious.


whachucallme t1_ixtd2eb wrote

Word for word, you took them out of head and placed them here. You are not alone. How can we continue to live this way?


linderlady t1_ixunice wrote

In the words of Jerry- "We will survive, we will get by..."


The-Fanta-Menace t1_ixunn90 wrote

I relate to this so much, i thought I was just getting old. Maybe it’s just good ole depression, my worst friend ever.


linderlady t1_ixxltlh wrote

Hello darkness my old friend... seriously though, this time of year is the worst. Hang in there friends.