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Gloriathewitch t1_ixspbka wrote

Also they degrade the immune system as well as a result of that.

a lot of people assume that means they will get the flu more often, but what it actually means is if you're predisposed to something like crohns or lupus, it might activate. Truly terrifying stuff.

Stress is a killer Is a true and real quote


carbonclasssix t1_ixt6m9s wrote

I'm so terrified stress is going to do me in eventually that I'm starting to take meditation really seriously. Even 15 minutes is magical and I haven't found any other way to destress besides exercise. It blows my mind medicine doesn't have more to say about that, my doctor is pretty much like "don't do the stressful things" I'm like ok yeah I'll just quit my job and live off the inheritance I don't have.


manderrx t1_ixthwor wrote

I can tell I'm getting too stressed out when my eczema flares. Same happens with my mom's lupus.

It for sure is, never mind if someone has cardiovascular issues.