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Gloriathewitch t1_ixspot2 wrote

It's scary but I believe your motor functions and muscle memory (ie how to drive) still functions in a safe way, unlike when you are drunk, but time will just seem like it passed in an instant.

It's not that you didn't drive or couldn't, you just kinda auto piloted, but if you say had to suddenly brake or swerve you'd be back in reality quick as lightning.

At least that's my experience with it having had multiple dissociative disorders for 20 years.

You could get through a whole work day just fine, people won't see you as animated or social, though.


theblacklabradork t1_ixsulcs wrote

YES! I drove out of state with my mom before I recognized that I was dissociating and honestly it scared the hell out of me after - like, I have no idea what happened on the drive but we made it safely. I tried asking my mom to drive but she didn't believe me when I tried explaining what I was feeling.

"oh, you're just tired!" -__-


carlitospig t1_ixv301d wrote

I had to actively convince my body to just move my pinky, then my toes, etc. All while driving 40mph knowing that none of my muscles would allow me to use the brake should something impede my path. There was a hard disconnect between ‘me’ and my body - almost like I meditated into being a paraplegic. It was nutty.

Autopilot is wholly different. Autopilot is a ‘oh hey, we are there!’ of amnesia. I 100% drove, I just don’t remember the miles.