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KnightRider1987 t1_ixstz1s wrote

What’s super fun is when you have an anxiety attack with all the clinical signs - heart thundering, dizzy, weird skin sensations, feel like your suffocating - all without being the tiniest bit emotionally bothered by something on a conscious level. During the peak of my life long an anxiety disorder in grad school this would happen because of the constant high level of stress and exhaustion I was experiencing. So it would feel like an average Tuesday except for the part where I felt like I was spinning straight off the face of the world.


AnOnlineHandle t1_ixtgr1d wrote

I could barely breath for a few weeks, got xrays and an asthma sprayer and everything, woke up breathless and panicking.

Then it went away when I finished a big work project, and it became clear that it had all been caused by anxiety. It's wild and not to be underestimated. Every few years I get some random pain which tends to go away after something stressful is finally finished. Some subconscious part of my brain just decides to over-fire and there's not much I can do about it except not stress about the stress response and make it worse. The worst thing is that it makes it harder to finish what is currently causing it.


scarsinsideme t1_ixtgwn2 wrote

I've been going through exactly that! It took me a while to figure out it was coming from anxiety because I didn't feel anxious