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TerpenesByMS t1_ixsxnnb wrote

Yes, THC isn't for everybody that is for sure - even though CBD helps to hold back the psychosis-like bits. THC seems to act like an amplifier for the subconscious, so if there is something under the surface it comes roaring out. Especially with edibles, where it lasts for a long time. I'm sorry to hear it affected you like that. Likewise for steroids (probably prednisone), there is a direct interference with cortisol there.

How are you with exercise and/or meditation?


theblacklabradork t1_ixsz6zo wrote

Thank you - I realize now that I'm currently not in a good headspace to use mind-altering substances. I may try CBD, but am even hesitant right now to try that.

Consistent exercise actually helped tremendously. About a week after I started a routine, my dissociation started to lift. I remember the last thing to ease back to normal was the hyperosmia. I honestly thought I had a brain tumor, it was so troubling and I was terrified that I was 'stuck' in this third-world view of my life forever.

I can't say I've truly tried meditation aside from guided sleep meditations from time to time - but would absolutely be willing to try them.

Yes, the steroids were prednisone (I should have mentioned)