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cthuluwamp t1_ixt66r6 wrote

reading your comment I just realized I was starting to disassociate. My first sign is that my hands feel reeeally far away, like i literally couldn't tell you if they were on the desk in front of me or literally an infinite distance away, even looking at them with my eyes where I can see they are right there, I can almost "choose" whether to believe that or not.

It makes me feel like we are in an illusion universe, like I'm plugged into some matrix computer somewhere, my brain could be on one side, my remote controlled hands on the other and I am seeing through the veil by letting my mind go.

If I let myself keep going my day and night would disappear and I'd find myself sitting here in the same spot sometime tomorrow.

This always happens when I am alone.

Weirdest thing is I can totally navigate society, yet I realize just how insane what I just wrote sounds.


Birkeland1992 t1_ixtni2g wrote

Dude I've been doing that all the time lately, where your hands/arms feel far away and everything starts to feel like an illusion. I literally didn't know other people experienced that stuff too. So, is this caused by depression?


cthuluwamp t1_ixwti0m wrote

I have so many problems that I couldn't begin to help you diagnose. Mine's kind of a trauma response which presents as depression. The symptom is depression, the protective technique is disassociation.