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EvadingBan42 t1_iwxtqba wrote

If there are “dark photons, matter, and energy” then we are inching ever closer to a mirror universe existing alongside our own that is completely invisible to the naked eye.

Perhaps this is the answer to the Fermi paradox, we can’t see any aliens because our technology has not advanced sufficiently to peer across this veil. Imagine donning dark energy glasses and seeing an entire galaxy full of dark matter engines and ships blasting across space totally unaffected by normal matter or physics.


mistr_k t1_iwyqhgc wrote

From my understanding of it, Dark Energy isn't really related to Dark Matter in that way. Dark Energy is something that is causing the universe to accelerate and expand space. It's dark in that we don't understand what kind of energy it is because we can only observe what it does at this point.