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TrippyReality t1_iwyinc2 wrote

By looking at galaxy cluster formation and the formation of the universe, matter should be even throughout, but yet the cosmic microwave background shows web-like features. The inner edges of the galaxy should move faster since there is more mass in the middle compared to the outer edge of galaxies, but it moves the same. Since we don’t have a theory of gravity or graviton particle to explain it, mathematical models can only predict the existence of something that we can’t observe.


HannsGruber t1_iwynn4k wrote

My high-dea hypothesis is dark matter is the gravitational signature of the true 4D structure of the universe


TrippyReality t1_iwzgssm wrote

Reality could be a simulation like the matrix because even at the quantum level, there is no materialism. Everything is all waves of probability, even matter at the quantum level. Our perception could all be a projection of a 3dimensional virtual world.