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chrisdh79 OP t1_ixvl3fr wrote

From the article: A recent study published in Psychology Research and Behavior Management attempts to determine the relationship between parental Dark Triad traits, emotional reactivity, and their children’s Dark Triad and emotional reactivity. The research team sought to discover if the Dark Triad and emotional reactivity of the parent’s generation can transmit these personality traits and behaviors to their offspring.

Their results indicate that Dark Triad traits and emotional reactivity are transmitted intergenerationally. In addition, the children had much higher levels of Dark Triad traits and reactive emotions. Finally, the more emotionally reactive the parents were, and the greater the Dark Triad in children, the more likely parental Dark Triad personality traits would have a negative effect on their children’s emotional reactivity.

The Dark Triad refers to three related personality traits: Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and narcissism. Machiavellianism as a personality trait includes an absence of a robust moral code and manipulation for personal gain. Behaviors that make up psychopathy include impulsivity as well as lacking remorse and empathy. Finally, seeking attention and selfishness are indicative of narcissism.

Like the Dark Triad, emotional reactivity comprises individual measurable elements. These include emotional sensitivity, emotional persistence, and emotional intensity. Those with high degrees of emotional sensitivity are likely to experience mood changes in response to minimal environmental changes. Those with high emotional persistence struggle to shake off bad emotions, and emotional intensity is the difference between feeling mildly inconvenienced and rage.


lilrabbitfoofoo t1_ixx2rec wrote

> Their results indicate that Dark Triad traits and emotional reactivity are transmitted intergenerationally.

I'm glad they did the research but this seems to have been self-evident for tens of thousand of years.

I suspect that genetic Dark Triad traits are passed on to children who are then raised to enhance rather than mitigate Dark Triad traits.

For a modern example, look at Fred Trump and his son Donald and then his children, etc.


TumorBrainov t1_ixyte2m wrote

Of course this is known for 000 years, but such measurement gives a good starting point to genetics research. The culture/education layer on phenotype is very thin, and then it usually turns out that genome was a principal culprit. The united forces of Frankfurt and Christianity will defend the dogma of 'Tabula Rasa'. This is why, following Copernicus who published on his death bed, Robert Plomin published his "Blueprint". The MIT Press, 2018 a few days before retirement.


lilrabbitfoofoo t1_ixzgmin wrote

> The united forces of Frankfurt and Christianity will defend the dogma of 'Tabula Rasa'.

Which has been proven to be outdated nonsense philosophical dogma centuries ago. We should've really stopped talking about this mental masturbation centuries ago. And certainly not in /r/science. :)

We now know for a fact (supported by evidence) that Nature and Nurture work together on people. And science has revealed how both work to a very large degree regarding virtually everything we know about what shapes and what modifies the human mind. For example, twin studies show that which side of the bread we butter is anchored in our DNA first. However, nurture can train us out of this.

Studies like this provide reinforcement and much needed nuance regarding these ratios between nature and nurture.

For example, if little Donnie Trump had been raised by better human beings, would he still be a criminal, pathological lying, textbook narcissist today? Or would he just be a bad used watch salesmen in Jersey?


Parrish_performance t1_iy2867j wrote

You spelt Hillary Clinton wrong.


lilrabbitfoofoo t1_iy2t23k wrote

>You [spelled] Hillary Clinton wrong.

Thank you for proving my point.


Inner_Spray_6770 t1_ixxr0zn wrote

How would someone not pass this down. Would they need to put their kids in counseling early on?


drinkyourdinner t1_ixxz3d2 wrote

If anyone has insight on this… I’d love to hear research/discussion on “breaking environmental transmission cycle,” because I’m clawing my way out of that black hole, dragging my husband past the event horizon while our kids are still salvageable (aged 8, 6, 4.) absolutely willing to participate in any current study on this topic.

We both have CPDST, I’m farther in remission than he, thanks 15 years intensive and revealing of therapy, interspersed with couples/family/kids/his.

Also: I should start writing our extended families’ baggage into some sort of sale-able reality TV script after observing my kids’ post-COVID interactions with his fam (with kids the same age.)


Hob_O_Rarison t1_ixz5u4x wrote

Your (you and your husband's) therapy should be enough to save your kids.

Trauma isn't genetic, and response to it is 100% learned behavior.


Feeling_Bathroom9523 t1_ixvno4n wrote

The fact that they got to study Dark Triads, in this depth, is a huge accomplishment on its own.


Lost_Vegetable887 t1_ixwgxmg wrote

So basically cluster B personality disorders produce more cluster B personality disorder. A finding that certainly lines up with clinical experience.


TheOneWhoWas t1_ixx1hgf wrote

Doesn't exactly contradict anecdotal evidence either


iamisg t1_ixvp800 wrote

There is a little bit of light triad and dark triad in each of us, ~30% of light more on average, according to Scott Barry Kaufman (Light: treating people as ends into themselves, valuing their dignity and worth , believing in the fundamental goodness of humans vs Dark: self-importance, strategic exploitation and deceit, callousness and cynicism). Another interesting question is whether this average balance score is changing in modern populations.


ory_hara t1_ixxgl4e wrote

I appreciate this explanation. I believe that I might be the light kind, because I love everyone, but I will eat your heart if you cross me.


-domi- t1_ixvnvbf wrote

How does this land on the nature vs nurture aspect? And how does it control for the other?


mvdenk t1_ixvz98f wrote

The nature vs nurture debate is rather outdated in general, we know that a lot of traits are genetic, but that upbringing also has significant effects.


LightDrago t1_ixvzzwv wrote

It is outdated in the sense of it being 100% or the other, which is obviously false. The current nature vs nurture debate is not about whether it is one or the other but how much each factor contributes.


mvdenk t1_ixydi87 wrote

That's not really a debate though, that's just science.


LightDrago t1_ixyqolh wrote

Debate is part of science. It is necessary to get to an agreement.


mvdenk t1_ixzpdrw wrote

I'd rather call that discussion, a debate is more when you have a dichotomy.


-domi- t1_ixwoua0 wrote

Sure, but unless the study can tell you how much of this is genetic, the statement is just "the asshole doesn't fall far from the tree," which is trivial.


7heTexanRebel t1_ixwqtx4 wrote

That was my initial reaction as well. Unless genetic heritability is tested this is just a "scientists prove that every 60 seconds a minute passes" study.


mvdenk t1_ixydtvm wrote

It was not yet clear how much (dark) behavioral patterns are passed on due to genetics vs due to upbringing, this article contributes to this insight.

Also, "this is trivial" is bad science, we need to always test our hypotheses before we can be sure™ (we can never be 100% sure, but we can make it probable borderlining certainty). I hate these "this was trivial anyway" statements every time I see them.


-domi- t1_ixzi12y wrote

I mean, sure. But if the study is only on assholes, then it won't tell you how many non-asshole parents have asshole lids. That's one side of the coin gone. And if this study doesn't control for nurture, then really all it can tell you is what percentage of the time the studied assholes have asshole kids, without even addressing why. Sounds like the sturdy has scoped itself out of being able to produce very profound results, why wouldn't its conclusion be trivial?


bluesam3 t1_ixw1qmn wrote

Not at all, really - both of these would tend to be inherited in this manner.


Ns4200 t1_ixw4z15 wrote

this study is fascinating from a sociological perspective alone, i would love to see the assessments and analysis compared to western cultures.


Test19s t1_ixwinvg wrote

Organisms are highly sensitive to initial conditions. No surprise here.


Mclovin1524 t1_ixx4e7h wrote

I ain’t got a clue what the title to this post means..


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The_Gold_Hoarder t1_ixw7lba wrote

What does Dark triad mean ?


LOTRfreak101 t1_ixw9zcf wrote

It seems to be described in paragraph 3 that op posted.


7heTexanRebel t1_ixwqzlz wrote

>The Dark Triad refers to three related personality traits: Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and narcissism.


Pleasant_Monk_7611 t1_ixy5we8 wrote

The title of this article is terrible and terms such as these should be disallowed in journals for actual descriptions of the condition.


TheCuteCochin t1_ixwil80 wrote

Is it passed down mostly from maternal or paternal ?