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drinkyourdinner t1_ixxz3d2 wrote

If anyone has insight on this… I’d love to hear research/discussion on “breaking environmental transmission cycle,” because I’m clawing my way out of that black hole, dragging my husband past the event horizon while our kids are still salvageable (aged 8, 6, 4.) absolutely willing to participate in any current study on this topic.

We both have CPDST, I’m farther in remission than he, thanks 15 years intensive and revealing of therapy, interspersed with couples/family/kids/his.

Also: I should start writing our extended families’ baggage into some sort of sale-able reality TV script after observing my kids’ post-COVID interactions with his fam (with kids the same age.)


Hob_O_Rarison t1_ixz5u4x wrote

Your (you and your husband's) therapy should be enough to save your kids.

Trauma isn't genetic, and response to it is 100% learned behavior.