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Just_Natural_9027 t1_ixzpa12 wrote

Agree but it seems like a lot of things your mother did increased her quality of life:

>eating healthy, avoiding aluminum, staying social, brain puzzles, didn’t drink or smoke ever.


severe_thunderstorm t1_ixzsppd wrote

My grandmother did the opposite of my mom (ate horribly, lots of pastries, drank and smoked all her life), but was never overweight. She received her diagnosis at 62. My mom gave up a lot hoping to avoid dementia and it didn’t work out for her.

I’ve taken it to the extreme. I grow my own food (which I really enjoy). I know what’s being used for fertilizer and pest control, no hormones in my meat, etc. I use stevia (which I grow) instead of sugar, etc.

Edit to add: we may never know if my way of life prevents dementia. It is a lot of physical work (which I thinking very good for you), but I plan to live pretty dangerously after 60. I don’t really plan to see 62.