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scavengecoregalore t1_ix031z4 wrote

I'm actually more fit when I game, because I have one of those portable foot pedal things and a stepper. I really want a treadmill desk. My stepkid games standing up and balances his hobby with organized sports. Pairing the dopamine rush with exercise can be very effective. Not arguing, just presenting a possible solution


PriorTable8265 t1_ix06xqb wrote

That's great you're getting some cardio, but you gotta strength train


Strange-Ad1209 t1_ix4dbao wrote

You are correct. I'm amazed that gamers actually think they are healthy. The only healthy member of these generations are the skate boarders and even then it's not their upper bodies getting enough physical exercise. At their age 14-34 most of my generation were climbing up trees, steep hill sides, running several miles, skiing cross country, bicycling 20 miles at a time just to get to the latest movie releases at the only theater within 50 miles. Prior to 14 we were outdoors all weekend from sunrise to well past sundown playing in the farmers barns, haystacks. An entire world of physical development totally missing from the last two generations. A good part is parents behaving unbelievably fearfully about where their child is, what are they doing, who are they playing with. The fear factors have gotten blown completely out of proportion by the stoking of fear by politicians to foment unrest inflaming the fear even more.