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Jason_CO t1_ixdxv0j wrote


Arodg25 t1_ixe2sp6 wrote

we don't just know what it is, we're the inventors


TheBirminghamBear t1_ixfn5dt wrote

Surprisingly untrue actually.

There is evidence of corruption in many social and eusocial species, many of which predate us in the evolutionary scale.

Ants and bees can exhibit corruption. Bees are supposed to mate only with a queen, but in species with other females, mating will occur outside royal lineage, creating shadow competition in the hive


HidetheCaseman89 t1_ixecxsz wrote

To the corrupt, it's not a choice, it's a lifestyle. They don't see any other option. It's simply "How it's done."


the_first_brovenger t1_ixgqtrc wrote

You can dress it up differently but corruption is inherent to humanity, whichever manifestation it takes.

That's not saying all of humanity is corrupt. It's saying the potential is there and it happens organically. The goal is to go from "let's go get thousands of slave laborers" to "hey let's put this romantic dinner on the company do get a tax deduction."