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Rustybot t1_ixe3cow wrote

Bellwhethers are fascinating. I strongly suggest the novel “Bellwether” by Connie Willis. It’s a fictional story that explores the idea of trends/fads and sheep.


Whatever-ItsFine t1_ixf0x01 wrote

The same Connie Willis who wrote the time travel books?


Rustybot t1_ixf1z13 wrote

Oh yes, the very same!

For those that don’t know, all her books are great:

  • Doomsday is a great read in these pandemic times.
  • the WWII pair of novels Blackout and All Clear are amazing
  • my favorite will always be my first “To Say Nothing of the Dog”

Whatever-ItsFine t1_ixfg99d wrote

I read all three of those in the summer of 2012. What a great summer.

Edit: Actually, I should say all four.