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odd-42 t1_ix3zyrc wrote


DopeDetective t1_ix40v3h wrote

right they excluded a bunch of people who are genetically predisposed to poor sleep due to underlying conditions and then claimed there's no genetic relationship.

like if you cant eat high carb due to a genetic condition then you're never going to be able to meet those 4 requirements & therefore genetically predisposed to poor sleep.


odd-42 t1_ix44wau wrote

Ah, i think I see where we are not agreeing: I think they are saying that there is not a genetic factor for poor sleep that is “pure”. As in not secondary to other factors, but a primary genetic factor.


candykissnips t1_ix725yt wrote

Yep, you have been correct this entire time. This sub is sometimes insufferable.


narrill t1_ix5kj6n wrote

This is an incredibly weak argument. They excluded a number of conditions that can affect sleep quality, only some of which are exclusively genetic. And even then, "you're genetically predisposed to a condition that may affect your sleep quality" is a very different statement than "you're genetically predisposed to poor sleep," which is essentially what your initial comment of "I'm unhealthy but I still feel alert in the morning, therefore genetics" was saying.


DopeDetective t1_ix5u94a wrote

there's a gene that allows people to be fully rested after 4hrs. so clearly sleep quantity is influenced by genetics. circadian rythm is influenced by genetics.. theres just so much that is influenced by genetics that it just seems misleading to say there is no genetic connection the way they claim


narrill t1_ix67hkw wrote

> This study has to be wrong, it's just common sense


DopeDetective t1_ix8sjw4 wrote

the study says that alertness requires a high carb breakfast & glucose response. some people have a genetic predisposition that makes this impossible & these people were excluded from the study. what am I missing.