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Gashcat t1_ix5h0is wrote

Fungus infections are shaping up to be the health battle of the next century plus.

We've lived in harmony as our normal body temperature has been too hot for fungi. But now, the average human temp has been dropping at a steady rate. Also, as climate change heats the world up, fungi are evolving to prosper better in warmer Temps.

This is likely just the start...


A_Dragon t1_ix5jg5c wrote

Yeah I’ve heard that. There’s a particular fungus that would kill us all but it can’t exist within our bodies because the temperature is too high. Scientists speculate that along with global warming it could evolve to survive in warmer temperatures.


SerialAbberation t1_ix5yiy5 wrote

I'm curious if regularly using a sauna would be helpful in treating fungal infections. In Nordic cultures its considered part of a healthy lifestyle.


iloveschnauzers t1_ix63qb4 wrote

Moist warm air helps to loosen secretions, and is definitely part of lung physio. Remember the bowl of boiling water, leaning over it with a towel on your head? Same principle. Hot steamy showers, too.