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JackMitcham t1_ix7vuk3 wrote

Neat, but I doubt it'll have much of an impact on the daily lives of quadriplegics. My sister is a C4 complete quad (no movement below shoulders) and can drive very well with a shoulder button and head array. She was able to learn how to do it much faster than this study seems to indicate, and even in this study, one participant never got it.


Scoobydoomed t1_ix8aai7 wrote

Next step: mind control cybernetic legs/arms


GoddessOfTheRose t1_ixawrp2 wrote

Don't those already exist?


Strazdas1 t1_ixd1xzo wrote

Well yes and no. The current prosthetics attach to the nerve endings in the hand/leg that normally regulate movement and use that to simulate it. They need a lot of training (even after years of use its still not easy) and are expensive. however if you are paralyzed or lost the nerves in an accident you do not have access to those nerves, so it would not work. However doing brainwave scans have been proven to be controllable to some extent.


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citizenjones t1_ix9tz9d wrote

I imagine quadriplegics and other disabled folks operating remote vehicles for exploration and industrial purposes.


SteakandTrach t1_ixb3rhj wrote

I’m not a quadriplegic, i’m a badass deep sea bathysphere and I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Sunken warships off the shoulder of the Falklands, sea worms glittering in the dark near hydrothermal vents…


gtra864 t1_ixbw15r wrote

All those memories, like tears in a hurricane.


Strazdas1 t1_ixd21fa wrote

Ah, the first bath of suicidal space explorers.