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Probablylaughing123 t1_iyclwne wrote

It is not assumed most Children have poor self regulatory behavior?


CannaCosmonaut t1_iycnswa wrote

Relative to well adjusted/normal adults, yes. Obviously they're referring to children with poor self regulatory behavior relative to other children. Were you actually confused about this, or just doing the thing everyone does where they see if they can poke a hole in a study without actually reading it?


SoCuteShibe t1_iyd7rzy wrote

Maybe they are suffering from midlife cognitive impairment.


Boobsiclese t1_iyct8bv wrote

In comparison to adults? Of course. That's not the question at hand. Add in the comparison of abused or neurodivergent children to the regular child mix and you've got yourself a study.


ggrieves t1_iycqh0m wrote

Challenging assumptions with evidence is science.