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OrganicPumpkin9156 t1_iydy7dn wrote

> Got weird aches and pains going on?

Just the previously broken bones.

> Do you have family, friends, people who support you?

I've never had anyone support me - that's the problem. And it's not anything I'm doing - I've had multiple therapists repeatedly insist that other people's bad-faith rejection of me isn't my fault. I behave exactly how other people behave - down to pacing of breath - yet people insist on reacting to me radically different that they do everyone else, seemingly out of spite. I've basically been Assigned "Other" At Birth and no one will tolerate me, no matter what I do to change their minds.

> Do you adhere to stoic principles

Are you saying that stoicism is a mental disorder?

> Have you been tested for ADHD or autism?

Autism yes, ADHD no. But my behavior is quite the opposite of the symptoms of ADHD.

> Finally spiritually. Are you mad at extracosmological forces? Or are you in tune with them?

I don't believe in spirituality at all. I'm strictly about what can be proven.

> But if you see issues on any of these, see a doctor.

Been there, done that. No doctor seeing me will force other people to ignore their misfiring instincts and act in good faith towards me. My problems are sociological, not psychological.