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I vaped to quit. Now I'm using lozenges to quit vaping. Smoked for 30 years.


mr-death t1_ixe0rmr wrote

Congrats on quitting!

How are they working for you? I smoked for 24 years, been vaping for 2 1/2 years now, but want to quit.


supraliminal13 t1_ixbyhqu wrote

There's a reason why so much of the push behind new vaping laws and anti-vaping commercial campaigns is from the tobacco industry themselves. Now why would they be behind the push. Hmmmm... they don't like people getting off of cigarettes.


tornpentacle t1_ixc4nsy wrote

You're kidding, right? Who do you think owns the vaping brands with the biggest market share? Look into that before spouting this nonsense.


tfks t1_ixc76o7 wrote

Vaping legislation in Canada has completely destroyed small businesses that were producing and distributing juice along with the associated retail locations, which were also small businesses. None of the retail stores I bought juice from had any association with the tobacco industry. The juice producer that I liked the most, which was based in my city, likewise had no association with the tobacco industry. Those businesses are now gone. Soon, my options will be to either buy prefilled pods at gas stations (sound familiar?) or make my own juice, which is not convenient at all and heavily incentivizes the former. So yes, Phillip Morris owns Juul... But I don't buy those and don't want to. I want to go to the shops I used to and buy the juice that was being produced a few kilometers from my house. Government legislation is making it so that supporting Phillip Morris is becoming closer to being my only option.


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Ferengi_Earwax t1_ixe4qzh wrote

I can tell you from anecdotal evidence of my own that I bought a high end american manufactured vape about 5 or 6 years ago. Everything cost around 120 to get shipped to me. I spent about 20 dollars on e juice every 3 weeks to a month. My lung health had improved signifcantly, rarely get a couch, and am revolted by the smell of cigarettes now. Once I started with the vape, I never even thought about smoking cigarettes again. I'm currently on the 6mg of nicotine level e juice. I smoked up to a pack of day for 15 years before that at 4 to 10 dollars a pack. I still find it amusing when certain hipsters who care what people think make fun of people who vape. Imagine being so worried about what others think, but you still hate on others for making themselves healthier.


damadfaceinvasion t1_ixfbwcq wrote

It cuts down in second hand smoke which is the worst actual thing about smoking. If people want to destroy their bodies let them, having a method that minimizes risk to other people who didn’t make that decision is a net positive and I’ve never smoked or vaped in my life


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Hyacin420 t1_ixbni83 wrote

I stopped smoking and started to vape however, in the past year I decided to just stop and being able to drop my nicotine levels without cutting back the act of smoking helped so much. The last 3 months of me vaping was just vaping 0% nicotine juice of the same flavor I always loved and I gradually just stopped smoking as much till one day I realized I left my vape in the car for 3 days and never missed it.


FuzzyBubbles117 t1_ixg6k73 wrote

If works if you set specific intentions and stick to them. I don't even mean hard timelines - just getting and holding fast to your general direction and progress


drunk_frat_boy t1_ixfruit wrote

Zyn is the way. No smell, no vapor, no smoke, no tobacco.


wowthatssorude t1_ixegvjt wrote

I never smoked 2 packs a day ever. Less than a pack was my most so about 12-15 cigs

I bought a Juul. Felt so much worse using that. I’ve never had such asthma before.

Thought it was cleaner and maybe I just had chest cold but after a couple months I figured it was the Juul.

Went back to cigs. Was damn near 2 packs a day.

That damn thing tricks you. You smoke inside more since there’s no smoke. Apparently it bumps your blood nicotine levels fast than smoke too

This is pure scam science for tobacco sellers. Period.

I love nicotine gum btw. No asthma. Smooth calm nicotine buzz all day. Less cravings. It’s life. Always easier to quit (I’ve quit nicotine 4x in 10 years or so, can only quit if the gum is my recent primary source)


MisterEChops t1_ixbq98m wrote

Is it really that much better for you than smoking cigs?

Seems like this kind of misses the problem.


omghooker t1_ixbrm3r wrote

It is at least 95pct less harmful than combustion cigarettes

The problem isn't missed, the presentation to the public -at least in the usa- has been, despite 16 million people here who vape.


Shitbag76 t1_ixbqu82 wrote

Yes it's probably much better


MisterEChops t1_ixbqv4t wrote

I love me a ‘probably’


[deleted] t1_ixbr11t wrote

I switched to vaping and then stopped vaping nicotine all together. I haven't smoked in about 3 years. Was a smoker 12 years. Vaped for about a year. The urge to smoke just wasn't as strong after I switched to vaping.


MisterEChops t1_ixbr6qm wrote

Nicely done. I’m sure you feel better and have more disposable income after that!

I made the incredibly stupid decision to stop drinking, smoking weed daily, and cigs all cold turkey at the same time at the start of 2021…

Would not recommend. Literally wishing for death for a while there. Things are way better now though


nulliusansverba t1_ixc6eyt wrote

As a vaper,


  • breathe easier, not normal though
  • smell and taste return to basically normal
  • extremely low tar
  • no smoke smell, which is great because now cigarettes smell bad, really quite bad, which you don't notice if you smoke

Possible cons:

  • heavy metals
  • low quality juices
  • low quality vape parts
  • contamination

That I can take a puff anytime is a bit of a double edged sword. It means I can take one puff or just continuously puff. I'd be interesting in how vaping relates to chain smoking.

To help me quit I leave my vape at home. Stopped vaping in the afternoons. Then stopped vaping in the morning. Now it's just in the evenings after dinner as a kind of dessert.

It's kind of like smoking weed. You can smoke once a day and you'll get really high and it's a blast. But if you smoke multiple times a day it usually becomes quite dull.


omghooker t1_ixl9dyh wrote

Let me just interject real quick in your possible cons list-

Heavy metal. The studies where metals were found were from studies that had no way to test vaping devices the way vaping devices are used. A cigarette testing is done by lighting it and having a machine suck it down the butt and inspecting a filter that caught all the smoke.

To do the vaping test, they literally went into the devices internals and removed the safety precautions and bypassed over fire protection so they could hold down the button and make their machine pull an entire tank of eliquid straight through.

A coil gets hot. A coil heated nonstop for <insert however long it took to vape through a tank(probably like 20mins)> will shed metals.

But that is not how people vape. Even people who compete in cloud competitions aren't taking pulls of their vape that last longer than fifteen seconds.

Heavy metals are not going in your lungs from vaping. This is another fear mongering tactic from anti vape propagandists.