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KiwasiGames t1_iyhai42 wrote

You will always get less energy out of electrolysis in hydrogen than you put in as electricity. That’s how thermodynamics works. There is always waste energy in the form of heat.

So you won’t be saving any energy here.


Hob_O_Rarison t1_iyi29q4 wrote

But you can turn solar energy into packagable, transferable fuel that can be stored and moved around.


starmartyr t1_iyjo56g wrote

You might not be able to save energy, but not all energy has the same economic value. This has the potential to use cheap clean energy to move energy to places where it is not easily available. This is similar to our problem with water shortages. We don't have a shortage of water, we have a problem getting the water we need to the places that need it.


KiwasiGames t1_iykyk90 wrote

While this is true in general terms, its not true for the post I was responding to.