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LucyEleanor t1_iyir4d1 wrote

Plus lose alot of energy to heat.


Black_Moons t1_iyj886d wrote

Yep. Electrolysis is very inefficient. But even if you made it 100% efficient, and somehow made an IEC engine 100% efficient, you'd still only be making an energy storage system at best.

Realistically, the above two systems are like, 60% and 30% efficient at best? So your talking 18% overall. Not really worth doing until we have so much renewable energy that what to do with all the extra between the hours of X and Y becomes an issue.


LucyEleanor t1_iyj90yp wrote

We can make hydrogen fuel cell systems smaller and lighter than normal ice's though, so atleast they have their use in drones.


ledow t1_iyjjd6o wrote

Hydrogen needs to be stored at 10,000 psi to come anywhere NEAR the energy density of a conventional fuel.

Though you can get more energy per kilo of hydrogen, you can't do that without basically compressing it to enormous pressures or taking up a ton of room, or using up lots of chemicals and energy to lock it into other substances (which add to the mass).


LucyEleanor t1_iyjjhkb wrote

Well drones do use mini scuba tank guys full of compressed h2. Idk the psi tho