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hamsterwheel t1_j1dtpbs wrote

Ages in which you're having young children and then ages when they grow up and move out


Whoissnake t1_j1dwycn wrote

... yeah I think this is actually just skewed by having children.


not_cinderella t1_j1f3pa7 wrote

It would be interesting to replicate this with childless people, both single and married perhaps.


[deleted] t1_j1g0gpo wrote

I'm 33 and I sleep like 8-9 hours a day. My wife would prefer 12, but she's willing to compromise.

No kids


HobgoblinKhanate t1_j1h67b8 wrote

Similar age. I sleep 7.5 hours a day but I work 9-5 Mon-fri. Before when I did random shifts I’d sleep 5 hours at night and random nap where ever I could get them. I think a set routine is the biggest thing that helped my sleep pattern, more than diet, exercise etc.


ur-sisters-panties t1_j1favof wrote

I'm childless and married and this is accurate. I used to be able to sleep a solid 8 hours and now I can barely get 6 most nights at 33


Illustrious_Map_3247 t1_j1gd26v wrote

You think? Or the paper literally says > Such reductions in sleep to mid-life have previously been related to the demands of child-care and working life28. The increasing sleep reported after 53 years is likely related to a reduction in child-rearing responsibilities and alleviation of other factors driving the lower sleep in mid-life29,30.


FateEntity t1_j1gh91e wrote

Agreed, I sleep less because of kids, needing to do more work, and more life responsibilities. It's not by choice that I sleep less.


Financial_Bicycle805 t1_j1h3cvg wrote

It’s 3am where I am and my 8 month old is refusing to sleep anywhere but on my chest, so yeah I fed this.


mortemdeus t1_j1f6c9u wrote

Children. The great mystery is children. Before they are born, sleep. After they are born, less sleep. After they move out, more sleep. Mystery solved.


shadow247 t1_j1fx132 wrote

I guess it depends. My kid tucked in at 9pm almost every night. I am knocked off by 10, up by 7.

I guess we got lucky. The 1st 2 years were rough, but the last 8 have been pretty good.


shit-zipper t1_j1gc7jz wrote

no children, 29 years old. I can fall asleep crazy fast but cannot sleep as long as i used to. I'd be shocked if i slept 7 hours a night


an-otherjames t1_j1hk5xt wrote

Also 29, no kids. Fall asleep just fine, but yeah -- same as you said. I don't stay asleep for as long.

I'm physically active, generally content with work, life and relationships. Around 27ish, I went from sleeping 6-9 hours a night to now around 5-7. Wake up with plenty of energy too. Clean diet, consistent sleep schedule, still a bit of a cigarette habit but nothing's come of it yet, no outlying medical anything. Definitely noticed not needing as much sleep.

I'm not sure it's only due to having kids as some are mentioning, but I'm sure that can be a contributing factor.


as208 t1_j1j599g wrote

I'm a 30 yo alcoholic. Very recently stopped drinking. I always woke up at 3. Always. Sometimes I would wake up at 1 and stay awake til 3, sometimes it was 3 to 4, but I was always awake for 3. On my worst nights, I wouldn't ever go back to sleep, and man a drink sounds good right then. So... I don't know if we have the same problem, but I'd definitely be suspicious of alcohol.


jaystaysup t1_j1r1pus wrote

Hang in there, when I quit drinking my sleep was terrible for a month or so, your body/brain s just trying to restore homeostasis. Stay active, eat right, water etc, etc. You'll be sleeping like a log in no time.


Thugzz_Bunny t1_j1dzmo8 wrote

34, I never sleep well.


kthulhu666 t1_j1e18ce wrote

My family has that same problem and it has been detrimental to our health. If you can work with a doctor to help you sleep, you probably should.


Thugzz_Bunny t1_j1e1ict wrote

Been this way since my ex left and took my son (I get him on weekends). Going on 5 years.


kthulhu666 t1_j1e2p2w wrote

The same thing happened to my brother. Ex-wife took his daughter, made his life miserable. He never slept well again and died in his sleep too young.

Getting good sleep is an investment in your health and future time spent with your child.


Thugzz_Bunny t1_j1e39uf wrote

We have a great relationship now, but my brain changed when the house became empty. I am super happy and love everything about my life other than not having my son every day. That first year was very hard and the sleep issue continued even after I was fine. Hard to fall asleep and I never get good rest. Coincidentally I sleep great on the weekends when he is with me.


Wagamaga OP t1_j1dqp97 wrote

Sleep duration declines in early adulthood until age 33, and then picks up again at age 53, according to the findings published in Nature Communications.

The study, involving 730,187 participants spread over 63 countries, revealed how sleep patterns change across the lifespan, and how they differ between countries.

Study participants were playing the Sea Hero Quest mobile game, a citizen science venture designed for neuroscience research, created by Deutsche Telekom in partnership with Alzheimer's Research UK, UCL, UEA and game developers Glitchers. Designed to aid Alzheimer's research by shedding light on differences in spatial navigational abilities, over four million people have played Sea Hero Quest, contributing to numerous studies across the project as a whole.

In addition to completing tasks testing navigational ability, anyone playing the game is asked to answer questions about demographic characteristics as well as other questions that can be useful to neuroscience research, such as on sleep patterns.


mcninja77 t1_j1gpeje wrote

In case anyone thinks I've heard of that before and this reminds them to get involved or it's your first time hearing of the app and you want to unfortunately its not longer open access and you need invite codes for it


k0mbine t1_j1g3nnl wrote

It’s because of work culture


AaronRodgersToe t1_j1h40uz wrote

Probably more to do with children. 53 year olds are still working.


killerjerick t1_j1gqqfd wrote

I’m the opposite, childless, I used to get by on 5 hours of sleep from 16-20ish, now at 26 I can’t operate without at least 10 hours


Ok_Fox_1770 t1_j1gftl7 wrote

36 and sleep is my favorite place to be. Take me away Calgon. Vacations? Traveling? Nah gimme like 18 hours to void out and I am in heaven.


enigmaticalso t1_j1hwawr wrote

wel i got 6 years then to finally get to sleep im not to happy about that.


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GrouchyPuppy t1_j1gyko1 wrote

Well I surely can’t sleep at all, maybe three hours at best a day. And I’m under 40


Starshot84 t1_j1hjll1 wrote

Does it consider who has children? Because that is a major influential factor


Jealous-Self-127 t1_j1hx390 wrote

If you can’t sleep consider testing for sleep apnea. You don’t have to be overweight, even children have sleep apnea and skinny people too.


bcjh t1_j1i2b5x wrote

Not with me. In bed by 7:59pm every night and wake up til 6:30am.


your_actual_dad-_- t1_j1el390 wrote

Isn’t it funny how men get less sleep as they get older which is tied to stress in some studies but women get more sleep and is proven to be happier I’m not saying that women make problems but……