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Thugzz_Bunny t1_j1dzmo8 wrote

34, I never sleep well.


kthulhu666 t1_j1e18ce wrote

My family has that same problem and it has been detrimental to our health. If you can work with a doctor to help you sleep, you probably should.


Thugzz_Bunny t1_j1e1ict wrote

Been this way since my ex left and took my son (I get him on weekends). Going on 5 years.


kthulhu666 t1_j1e2p2w wrote

The same thing happened to my brother. Ex-wife took his daughter, made his life miserable. He never slept well again and died in his sleep too young.

Getting good sleep is an investment in your health and future time spent with your child.


Thugzz_Bunny t1_j1e39uf wrote

We have a great relationship now, but my brain changed when the house became empty. I am super happy and love everything about my life other than not having my son every day. That first year was very hard and the sleep issue continued even after I was fine. Hard to fall asleep and I never get good rest. Coincidentally I sleep great on the weekends when he is with me.