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shit-zipper t1_j1gc7jz wrote

no children, 29 years old. I can fall asleep crazy fast but cannot sleep as long as i used to. I'd be shocked if i slept 7 hours a night


an-otherjames t1_j1hk5xt wrote

Also 29, no kids. Fall asleep just fine, but yeah -- same as you said. I don't stay asleep for as long.

I'm physically active, generally content with work, life and relationships. Around 27ish, I went from sleeping 6-9 hours a night to now around 5-7. Wake up with plenty of energy too. Clean diet, consistent sleep schedule, still a bit of a cigarette habit but nothing's come of it yet, no outlying medical anything. Definitely noticed not needing as much sleep.

I'm not sure it's only due to having kids as some are mentioning, but I'm sure that can be a contributing factor.


as208 t1_j1j599g wrote

I'm a 30 yo alcoholic. Very recently stopped drinking. I always woke up at 3. Always. Sometimes I would wake up at 1 and stay awake til 3, sometimes it was 3 to 4, but I was always awake for 3. On my worst nights, I wouldn't ever go back to sleep, and man a drink sounds good right then. So... I don't know if we have the same problem, but I'd definitely be suspicious of alcohol.


jaystaysup t1_j1r1pus wrote

Hang in there, when I quit drinking my sleep was terrible for a month or so, your body/brain s just trying to restore homeostasis. Stay active, eat right, water etc, etc. You'll be sleeping like a log in no time.