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awesomeuno2 t1_j1i1yks wrote

I wonder what this means for helping people with ptsd


giuliomagnifico OP t1_j1ilpb5 wrote

That -maybe in a future- we will be able to “deactivate” some unwanted memories.


Toiletchan t1_j1kosme wrote

The CIA will want it first. It’ll be like MIB.


zoinkability t1_j1krs09 wrote

Kind of the idea behind EMDR. Wonder if there is any connection on a neurological level with this and that.


QncyFie t1_j1xcdqs wrote

Was wondering the same. Though i believe whatever i have actually will keep me safe


Toodlesxp t1_j1k1531 wrote

They used to do this, it's called a lobotomy. My great grandmother had one after she attacked her infant child, my grandmother.


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educateyourself1 t1_j1kawzz wrote

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to try to trick our brains.