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DIABLO258 t1_j217386 wrote

I've been told to ignore anything from psypost, and I follow people blindly so I will ignore this post


supabrandie t1_j22dkye wrote

What an utter waste of time and resources.

Edit: I don’t mind the subject matter, I mind the terrible research design parading as legitimate science.


Jazzlike-Drop23 t1_j22eiwn wrote

I would agree with this. Far easier to get angry with my wife for small things when I'm stressed.

Hardly ground breaking research. Surely people are generally more irritable when stressed anyway?


punkito1985 t1_j22mqi3 wrote

Another copypasted low effort karmawhoring post? Never change r/science!


EscapeVelocity83 t1_j23o1v5 wrote

New research shows rich guys are favored and have lower stress hormones