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cannondave t1_iylh0j9 wrote

Big money are even bigger now, relatively and absolutely, than x decades ago. If you have a revenue of $100 million it might be profitable to influnce some politics, but if you have $22 bn like some large companies such as Pfizer, it's profitable to even gain 5% positive sentiment for a single new product, even if you have to pay $10 m to influence social media such as Reddit, Twitter, and another $100 m to lobby FDA and it's counterparts, especially EU and FDA. It would be profitable for sure, to some extent. If they do it, who knows. Maybe they are ethical and allows us to discuss freely and openly about their products pros and cons, without intercepting. Would you? If you had a button to press, generate $1 bn by influencing social media? If you wouldn't, and you worked at marketing at a large corporation, do you think you would be replaced by someone who would? Interesting thoughts.


hopelesscaribou t1_iylh9k4 wrote

Coca Cola Net Worth is $282 Billion in 2022.


aBoyandHisVacuum t1_iyo3pg4 wrote

Whaaaaaatttt!!!! Drinks coke. Jk thats unreal. Thats ATT money.


hopelesscaribou t1_iyo4394 wrote

Pshht! AT&T is chump change compared to Coke.

As of 2022, AT&T was ranked 13th on the Fortune 500 rankings of the largest United States corporations, with revenues of $168.8 billion.


aBoyandHisVacuum t1_iyo4c6e wrote

Damn your quick! Does that include all its subsidaries? I know it broke up a few times for regs. But lets say its 3 times that? Is a guess