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JadedFennel999 t1_j225f67 wrote

Innovative features such as specialized therapies.. what does that even mean? It's an app not a therapist.


Love4KittyButtholes t1_j226413 wrote

Well, what if there are some bits of therapy that could be replicated and served from an app? For example, I'm on a forum for sleep therapies and one of them is light therapy. I don't know the capabilities of a smartphone in terms of light emission but imagine if that was possible. Simple things like positive affirmations can be easily repeated on an app.


JadedFennel999 t1_j23dcnk wrote

I'm sure some techniques would be fine. Most of them use some type of CBT as a tool for teaching those type techniques. But anything more specific than that, you really need a qualified therapist to work with and it wouldn't be helpful with any deep emotional integration.


Love4KittyButtholes t1_j24lvln wrote

We don't have good access to mental health services where I am because we don't have universal Healthcare. I'd argue an app is better than nothing.