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eliteLord77 t1_iyq98so wrote

everything in the oceans is vulnerable to noise,.... we have royally screwed up the oceans. horrendous tragedy, over exploited for 500+ years. its a miracle theres anything alive in the oceans at all.


showMEthatBholePLZ t1_iyr74yj wrote

Was it really that exploited 100 years ago? Genuinely asking as I thought the industrial revolution was when humanity started destroying the planet.


Veasna1 t1_iyra1yb wrote

Whales were for lampoil. But other than that, not sure.


DHF_Bassist t1_iyrit8n wrote

Whales were used for other things such as corsets (ribbing from baleen), tools (spoons for caviar), jewlery, soaps, food and perfumes among other things. Absolutely tragic.


eliteLord77 t1_iyreqj1 wrote

do some research into historical fish stocks. the seas were seething with fish and whales.