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Abestisus t1_iyrdrvv wrote

Isn't every being on the planet, including humans, vulnerable to human activities?

If you know of one that is not I would like to know as well so I can change my opinion please.


eliteLord77 t1_iyrgfsb wrote

im not sure what your point is. but, yes, we live in a closed system.


Abestisus t1_iyrgy9d wrote

I'm sure you can get the point of it, and thank you for the answer. I love you


eliteLord77 t1_iyrhnf8 wrote

no, i don't get your point. to my reading a question like that makes it sound like you think people shouldn't bother


Abestisus t1_iyrjmq1 wrote

I mean to say we are a bother to the beings, including humans, of this planet. The research like this will only continue to show more accurately how we are not benefiting the ecosystem. I encourage it

Humans add nothing useful to the ecosystem that the planet couldn't do on its own.

I don't mean for this to be taken as hatred for humans, I love humans but we are a consuming species. We don't put anything back yet.