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RainbowEmpire t1_iyqqo0g wrote

>An estimated 30% to 75% of women have faked orgasm and this rate may be increasing among younger cohorts. Faking orgasm varies with a number of factors, including the woman's motivations and the type and characteristics of the dyadic relationship. Regarding the former, motivations for faking orgasm may be externally driven, that is, related to situational factors such as fatigue, boredom and/or wanting to end sex, and intoxication. Or they may be internally-driven, that is, related to the woman's momentary disposition or temperament, such as realizing that orgasm is unlikely or avoiding shame and embarrassment.  Furthermore, internally-driven motivations may be either self-focused (as in avoiding embarrassment) or partner focused (as in maintaining the partner's interest and/or arousal and/or avoiding conflict and undesired conversation).  Among partner-focused motivations, the desire to protect the partner's feelings and self-esteem appears to be one of the more common reasons for faking orgasm.


rand3289 t1_iyt0fts wrote

English to English translation of the title: "Women fake orgasms because they are afraid you will think they are not normal.


Olives_And_Cheese t1_iz2u8k4 wrote

Any woman who has heard, 'well if you can't cum it's your problem, maybe there's something wrong with you' or some variation thereof will understand this completely. There are men who can get frustrated if it's not happening in an acceptable timeframe, get defensive, and lash out.

These men are trash, and not representative, but I would say there are a lot of women who have encountered them.


reason2listen t1_iyqzhb2 wrote

I wonder how many other things in life this perception is associated with.


snowflakesauna69 t1_iytd147 wrote

They need to work on their communication skills. And honesty.


Alarmed-Diamond-7000 t1_iyu14ls wrote

Maybe you need to work on your sex skills. And sensitivity.


snowflakesauna69 t1_iyu61ok wrote

Bless your heart! Good communication skills and honesty enables everyone a fulfilling sexlife full of sensitivity and improved sex skills. Your commitment is lacking sensitivity and quite judgmental.


Alarmed-Diamond-7000 t1_iyuj9uy wrote

Yeah you sound like you're making excuses for girls faking it with you. Either you can say stuff like bless your heart, or you can make girls come not both.


Kipzi t1_iytgxca wrote

I don't even understand how they're doing it. Your entire body basically starts vibrating.


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EscapeVelocity83 t1_iytly83 wrote

When I want sex, I don't concern myself with how useful I am other than can I get it up and get them off with me