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snowflakesauna69 t1_iytd147 wrote

They need to work on their communication skills. And honesty.


Alarmed-Diamond-7000 t1_iyu14ls wrote

Maybe you need to work on your sex skills. And sensitivity.


snowflakesauna69 t1_iyu61ok wrote

Bless your heart! Good communication skills and honesty enables everyone a fulfilling sexlife full of sensitivity and improved sex skills. Your commitment is lacking sensitivity and quite judgmental.


Alarmed-Diamond-7000 t1_iyuj9uy wrote

Yeah you sound like you're making excuses for girls faking it with you. Either you can say stuff like bless your heart, or you can make girls come not both.


Kipzi t1_iytgxca wrote

I don't even understand how they're doing it. Your entire body basically starts vibrating.