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gerberag t1_j1ba75i wrote

Thank you laundry pods.

Thank you dishwasher pods.



Stingray88 t1_j1bvq4m wrote

Fleece, Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester, Spandex, etc… all synthetic fibers made from plastics. Every time we wash clothes like these we’re injecting millions of microplastics into the water supply.


thehazer t1_j1blrzn wrote

Tires, food packaging, clothes. Big oil probably needs to go down for increasing the likelihood of human extinction.


primalscreen t1_j1dq7qx wrote

PVA pods are an issue, but they are a small contributor because they do somewhat break down. You should be more concerned about the polyester clothes and plastic cooking utensils which are put into the machines. Ultimately, however, the vast majority of microplastics in the ocean are from packaging (either retail or supply-chain types) which end up outside of the proper disposal systems.