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bluenoser613 t1_iytyx7v wrote

I had a lot of Demerol back in the day. It sure worked the best for me than anything else for pancreatitis.


Embarrassed-Park-957 t1_iyu7lht wrote

I literally came here to say the same! My pancreatic pain only felt bearable with demerol, and nothing else


its-not-me_its-you_ t1_iyuvebb wrote

In an interview with Ken Wahl, star of Wiseguy, he said that after his neck and spine injury and the chronic pain that came with it, that the only thing that helped was specifically vodka.


halfabrandybuck t1_iyy0l0r wrote

That’s what my grandpa said about his shingles on his forehead - except whiskey and not vodka.


MarkHirsbrunner t1_iyuddu5 wrote

I was given demerol in 2005 when they were cleaning dead flesh from an MRSA infected spider bite. It was the weirdest sensation, I could feel the pain but it had none of.the emotional component to it, I don't care or want it to stop.


JackPoe t1_iyumqew wrote

I feel like that sometimes even sober. Like as long as I know it's just pain and not damage my brain kinda ignores it. I know it's happening but I'm easily distracted


MarkHirsbrunner t1_iywdhih wrote

This is why I like intensely spicy foods. I use hot sauces with 6 digit scoville ratings. My entire mouth feels like it's burning but it doesn't bother me at all because I know it's just a trick played on my heat receptors, and the high I get from the endorphins my brain releases feels good.


blazz_e t1_iyvmtrd wrote

morphine does this too, it basically made me ok with the pain but didn’t really take it away


halfabrandybuck t1_iyy0pew wrote

I’ve heard it described that way too. The pain is still there but it’s no longer experienced as suffering.


Shinroukuro t1_iyu9ffr wrote

I had a horrific compound fracture. One dose of demerol and I cheerfully got over the worst of the pain. Good stuff.


NocturnoOcculto t1_iyupcjk wrote

My stepdad was addicted to Demerol which led him down a long path of being addicted to opioids which eventually ended his life with a morphine overdose.


chriswaco t1_iyukvan wrote

When I had my first kidney stone they gave me Demerol. I went from wanting to die from pain to flirting with the nurse in about three minutes. Wonderful stuff. The second time they gave me morphine, which was also good but constipating, and then Dilaudid, which almost stopped my breathing by the time it became effective.

In all cases they tried Toradol first, which was worthless.


StampedingTurtles24 t1_iyv8xoc wrote

Toradol is an NSAID, it's works mostly for pain due inflammation, hints it's class. I use it for specific patients such when they have a lung resection and have a chest tube or two on that same side. 9 out of 10 times they go anywhere from 7-10/10 pain to the more tolerable 3ish area. Had a 22yo kid before and no narcotic would touch him, any movement would give him excruciating pain. After a dose of toradol he finally felt like he could function.

All situational really


DryEyes4096 t1_iyyj696 wrote

For the kidney stone I had, I had morphine and it made me go from a 10 on the pain scale to a 0 and I felt rather euphoric. I had a surgery on the ball of my left femeur to remove a benign osteoid osteoma tumor and they gave me worked fine, no pain, but it felt dirty and disoriented me in a way that morphine didn't.


rberg57 t1_iyuwx0h wrote

Agreed! Toradol is a placebo!!!


DauOfFlyingTiger t1_iyuigpr wrote

It was the only drug that got my kid out of pain for a period of time. It was so lovely to see her sleep and get 24 hours of pain relief after an ER visit.


CapnCrackerz t1_iyv7we4 wrote

I still can’t believe I was given an absurdly large (for the procedure) bottle of Demerol when had my wisdom teeth pulled at 19. Took one and fell asleep for about 16 hours took another and had the same reaction. At that point I had about a day left to finish packing for college so I threw them away and just smoked a bunch of weed. Probably one of the smartest choices I ever made.


bufordt t1_iyv5dsq wrote

It's just about the only opioid that doesn't make my wife puke at therapeutic doses.


RussianCat26 t1_iyvh1i0 wrote

Demerol is one of the only opiates I'm not allergic to. I throw up/ get hives from everything else. It is also the only med that even touches my tooth pain. Never had a problem with it so hopefully it will be around when I need to get my tooth implant.


Puzzleheaded_Air5814 t1_iyw7tf9 wrote

During a severe kidney stone issue, they gave me an injection of Demerol and Phenergan (years ago). It stopped the pain like a champ.


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liberal_meateater t1_iyvpyso wrote

Demerol is the most euphoria producing narcotic on the planet. But, it causes more nausea than even alfentanyl.

It’s only real use is for renal stones and post op shivering.


jman1121 t1_iyvsa70 wrote

I've been given that for stones before. I've also been given fentanyl, but a very, very, tiny dose.

I haven't had a stone in a while, so yippee!


1957horses t1_iywvyw8 wrote

Im 65 now and my L4-L5 fussed together because of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis 1999. I've had 2 back surgery 2 nerve burning 20 epieurals some were 1 every other week 4 times. No help. I have been on percocet 10 4 x a day. And I thank God it still works for me. I had foot surgery cause my toes were sticking up and over laping. Now I've gone to 3 different specialist and they all said my spine is to curved for them to do surgery. Now I can only stand/walk 3-4 minutes at a time. I sit a minute then another 3-4 ect. I use electric carts at grocery store and these stores never have enough to when I sit on the bench till someone going out the store, and there could be at Walmart 3 people waiting on a cart. I used to gallop Thoroughbred racehorses in my 20's


Tiggerhoods t1_iyv53qe wrote

Anybody ever had an opana? Things fucked me up w the best high I’ve ever had I’ve ever had including fent..


Mootingly t1_iyvobbp wrote

Are we going to pretend DEMEROL doesn’t get you high? I mean seriously ? That’s some hardcore denial and something only a user in denial would think. (Nationwide opiate epidemic going on in the USA)


Tiggerhoods t1_iywx9og wrote

Never said Demerol didnt get u high and I’ve never had it either..