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kester76a t1_j13hlt0 wrote

I guess it could be linked to lead exposure and other toxins.


gramie t1_j1483c5 wrote

Or maybe that people who have access to green spaces and lakes have higher incomes, and more money almost always gives you better health outcomes.


kester76a t1_j149dqo wrote

I read an article about a link to poor income areas having a higher rate of pollution. Turns out exposure to lead fumes from cars causes a drop in IQs and an increase in the chance of someone committing a crime.

To make matters worse this lead stays in the soil and can be released into the air at a later date.

I would say living in a healthier environment must have some sort of impact.


StuartGotz t1_j14tvjh wrote

it’s exposure to pollution. At least one study controlled for socioeconomic status and showed the relationship persisted.


Splenda t1_j1akws9 wrote

Leaded gasoline was phased out more than forty years ago, but, yes, poor communities are far more polluted in many other ways.


captaincumsock69 t1_j13j42j wrote

I kinda assumed it was more physical activity


StuartGotz t1_j14tzmd wrote

Also chronic stress and inflammation. Many dementias seem to have an inflammation component to the neurodegeneration.


orangeandpinwheel t1_j168zpi wrote

Just to throw out another possibility besides/in addition to pollution exposure: Viral infection has been shown to be a contributor to diseases like Alzheimer’s and MS, at least (not sure about Parkinson’s). I wonder if lower person-to-person contact in rural areas buffers people from infections and therefore these diseases.


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