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Sculptasquad t1_j28vvbo wrote

...until these manufacturing methods become available to crimin-oops, they already are...


OddCoping t1_j2b5nhg wrote

It's never about the technology being out there, it's about how expensive it is to reproduce verses what your trying to forge.


Sculptasquad t1_j2cpxcr wrote

And the cost of the safeguard rarely exceeds the cost of the product. This is why it is always economically viable to counterfit things.

If the materials and the technology required to make a knock-off is cheaper than the production cost of the genuine article, there will be fakes made.


Fearless747 t1_j28wyas wrote

If you're wondering just how much information they can (theoretically) pack into a label, they're putting 2048 bits in one 4 µm2 pixel. That's pretty dense.


JonLane81 t1_j28qu0o wrote

Of course cappies would only use such an amazing technology to secure their wealth.


giuliomagnifico OP t1_j28ssfu wrote

This could be useful not only for capitalists but also for security, for example for toys, food, helmets and similar products.


abbxrdy t1_j2byn06 wrote

i have so much anxiety about verifying my helmets


BloodyLlama t1_j2bz44z wrote

Buy them from somewhere with a trustworthy supply chain, even if you have to pay more.


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