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The_Baron___ t1_iz1r0zo wrote

A lot of misinformation circulating early on a post in r/science, you'd think those following this would be a little better at resisting the urge to spread conspiracy theories.

To be clear, this study was intended to see if it was likely Sars-CoV-2 could spread back to bats, even with all of the variants we tried unsuccessfully to avoid. Although they used computer models (to prevent infecting bats, the dangerous alternative) and found it likely can still spread between them.

This would also imply that, like many seasonal illnesses, there is a potential pool of animals to keep the virus circulating if enough humans catch and spread it... An almost guarantee now that the human race has decided to make it a seasonal illness.


Gayfunguy t1_iz3auya wrote

I love a good zoonotic dissease darling! dips pangolin scales into bat poop and eats


GlamorousBunchberry t1_iz501m8 wrote

We should still shoot for universal vaccination, but what this result suggests is that eradication was probably never in the cards. If there's a pool of mammals for it to live in, it can always jump back to humans at some later time, even if we'd achieved universal vaccination when we should have.


PineappleTreePro t1_iz3srzc wrote

Not digging the title of this post. There were cases in November 2019. I get the feeling OP is a "Little Pink."


HabaneroTamer t1_iz3uqk0 wrote

November and December of 2019 were wild. I remember reading back in December so many posts of a possible contagious disease spreading in China and the government trying to suppress it which brought about so many rumors online about what was really happening.


PineappleTreePro t1_izatttg wrote

From my time in China, I was not surprised at the time that something really bad had come out of there. I was always sick for a year and half straight, but COVID OG was much worse than everything I caught while there.


Strazdas1 t1_iz4ciwd wrote

there were suspected cases in november 2019. What this means is that there were admittances showing same symptoms. theres no way to know if it was actually that virus.


PineappleTreePro t1_izate2x wrote

True, but can't we use Occam's razor on this one?


Strazdas1 t1_izdib0q wrote

Id rather we dont use occam's razor for anything, its a flawed premise that leads to oversimplifications and looking for easy answers rather than truth.