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LeapIntoInaction t1_iz18hf9 wrote

If this is true, it is vitally important to avoid Republican nurses.


Heres_your_sign t1_iz3ciom wrote

I live in Arizona. It wasn't limited to nurses. The number of doctors that put ideology above science is scarily high.

I had to ask a Doctor's family to leave my preschool because they lied to me about their opinions expressed on social media.

Those doctors should not be practicing.


Heres_your_sign t1_iz3bt98 wrote

If you let your ideology override your professional judgement and training, you should not be in health care. Not enough attention has been given to delicensing medical professionals who took public antivax positions during COVID.


Alternative-Flan2869 t1_iz1dkxb wrote

Is this also a reflection on the way nurse training and certification preparation is delivered?


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dr-freddy-112 t1_iz15dw3 wrote

It was the first year that it had an immediate impact on everyone around them, but it's been "different" for a while now. Dems have been trying to push measures to help counter climate change for 2 decades now, and Republicans have consistently denied the existence of it.


thecowsbollocks t1_iz1izhn wrote

Yeah like there's no floods, wild fires, melting ice caps or crazy hot summers going on? Yet many of these idiots believe in god.


Chetkica t1_iz1kivb wrote

dems have been trying to introduce some microscopic regulation magnitudes below the necessary minimum

but i agree that they are the lesser evil overall


VVynn t1_iz20kkd wrote

Why would they even try to introduce sweeping, life altering regulations when they can’t even get the Republicans to agree to the microscopic ones?


Chetkica t1_iz2e8zw wrote

It doesn't work that way. Its not an either or. Democrats receive "donations" from fossil fuel corps too, so its not in their interest to propose reforms that arent microscopic. Only the justice dems advocate something slightly more substantial.


VVynn t1_iz2f4yx wrote

I guess I just want to see something happen. Every journey begins with a single step.

We’ve made practically zero progress on issues like gun violence and climate change, with the biggest argument being that each individual change won’t completely solve the problem so we shouldn’t do it at all.


Chetkica t1_iz2h4mf wrote

the tea is that while voting is a must, otherwise you are self sabotaging, america also needs direct action (protests, green strikes, etc) if you want things to move.

Just voting will not do significant enough changes in any country, politicians must be pushed to do more, more explicitly.

Remember how the civil rights act was passed.


dr-freddy-112 t1_iz1m2dm wrote

I mean, I would absolutely LOVE it if we had an actual progressive party in this country that tried to tackle real issues with real solutions, but alas, the establishment (even Dems) won't let that happen.


Chetkica t1_iz1xkob wrote

no country has a truly effective electoral system because of capital interests, but i agree that america is so economically right wing that nothing even vaguely progressive achieves broad electoral success, only locally.

You have a problematic two party state organisation, no proportional representation, an electoral college and such.


Brokenspokes68 t1_iz1kqi3 wrote

It's the year that you noticed it. Republicans have been fighting against science for decades. I first noticed it when climate change went from a problem that we all needed to work together to solve into being a hoax perpetrated by big science to get that juicy grant money.


Sylgami t1_iz1fq6e wrote

I mean it happened way before 2020. Remember when Republicans wanted to ban teaching evolution or atleast teach creationism along side it. Also the constant denial of climate change


Chetkica t1_iz1kcpq wrote

No it was the year that explicitly reminded anyone who's not yet lost their mind that republicans don't operate based on science nor care about it.


dances_with_cougars t1_iz1goqk wrote

When will they ever learn that to viruses we are all nothing but replication fodder?


[deleted] t1_iz148dz wrote

... OR ... partisanship highly influenced by internalized authoritarianism.


SueSudio t1_iz157oi wrote

Political affiliation driven by personal perspectives? Most likely.


PrEn2022 t1_iz37rks wrote

Did they do a similar survey with doctors or scientists? Very curious to know.


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Panda_Mon t1_iz51hw0 wrote

WRONG! It is correlated, not influenced by. Identifying as a Republican doesn't make you magically angry about vaccines. People who tend to vote republican are also not smart enough to understand vaccines. They occur together; political opinion is an end-result and can't have a direct influence on how you feel about other things. Its the label for how you feel about other things.


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Visible-Love5924 t1_iz3em15 wrote

Nurses are required to take microbiology, chemistry, organic chemistry, 3 separate courses in anatomy and physiology, pharmacology…


Plummers_Pipe t1_iz3karb wrote

Yea the Redditor above doesn’t know what Nurses actually do in modern healthcare


Most-Waltz-6920 t1_iz3kwvr wrote

Yes I do. I work with them every day.


Plummers_Pipe t1_iz3l9uk wrote

Then you’d know that what you mentioned is truly depending on the type of Nurse. Nurses that work in ED or ICU have larger scopes than what you mentioned. Not every nurse is a clinic nurse or Med Surg nurse


LaComtesseGonflable t1_iz3lnht wrote

And you'd know that different specialties attend the same nursing schools. Critical care nursing isn't immune from idiots.


Plummers_Pipe t1_iz3ltf3 wrote

Thanks for making my point… nobody is immune to being an idiot including doctors too.


LaComtesseGonflable t1_iz3mgs0 wrote

> Not every nurse is a clinic nurse or Med Surg nurse

Is what you said.

I vehemently disagree with your implication that nurses in less acute specialties are less educated.

I am not making your point in any form, thanks.


LaComtesseGonflable t1_iz3m3xx wrote

Hop over to r/nursing to see just what actual nurses think of nursing theories.

Exactly how do you think any nurse recognizes abnormal findings or changes in condition without education in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology...?

Is it still 1890 where you live?


tooManyHeadshots t1_iz40xe3 wrote

This is very, very wrong. Not worth an actual response. Just ignore it.


CarlJH t1_iz153ga wrote

Clearly people are basing their beliefs on their party affiliation. But I bet they all earnestly believe that it's the other way around.


Brokenspokes68 t1_iz1obk7 wrote

But one group is much more correct than the other.


ZylonBane t1_iz2bhi1 wrote

"Why can't police and criminals just agree to disagree?"


Strazdas1 t1_iz4gsk8 wrote

I had people genuinely tell me that police should just leave them alone when they steal things because its not like they killed anyone.


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CallitCalli t1_iz2064w wrote

Here is some information from Johns Hopkins just because...

The vaccine helps prevent kids from getting COVID-19: Although COVID-19 in children is sometimes milder than in adults, some kids infected with the coronavirus can get severe lung infections, become very sick and require hospitalization. This is especially important to remember in light of variants, which can be very contagious. “The current vaccines are still effective in preventing severe illness from current variants of the virus,” Sick-Samuels notes. Children can also have complications such as multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children that may require intensive care or long-lasting symptoms that affect their health and well-being. The virus can cause death in children, although this is rarer than for adults.

The vaccine helps prevent or reduce the spread of COVID-19: Like adults, children also can transmit the coronavirus to others if they’re infected, even when they have no symptoms. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine can protect the child and others, reducing the chance that they transmit the virus to others, including family members and friends who may be more susceptible to severe consequences of the infection.


TjW0569 t1_iz2jare wrote

I guess it depends on whether you want them to continue to be healthy children or not.