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Emberashh t1_iz13vhi wrote

Quality of life improvements consistently reduce crime in general. And that makes sense, unless we're really stuck on the whole gun thing and can't allow the exploration of any other solution, even when those solutions are needed regardless.


njesusnameweprayamen t1_iz1zwhl wrote

Anecdotal, but I just moved to a nicer neighborhood and my quality of life and mood have improved quite a bit. The main difference for me is less trash, more greenery. Small things like this impact our mental health, which on a population-wide scale means less violence.


kyngston t1_iz4u6rh wrote

I think it’s more related to “if I have nothing, I stand to lose nothing”.

Give people housing, jobs, and improve their standard of living. Now those people have to decide if the crime is worth losing all those comforts.


njesusnameweprayamen t1_iz5ac99 wrote

Yes that is very true. It's like when you're depressed and you don't care about your life.


ProudDildoMan69 t1_iz306wp wrote

We didn’t need science to figure out poverty equals crime for us.


garbage-pale-kid t1_iz36jtu wrote

Some people do, though, and having the studies done will give people proof when they're presenting an argument for better solutions.


i_have_thick_loads t1_iz4m22x wrote

You kinda do because it's a common misconception to think poverty generally has a significant impact on criminality and ignore confounders. I think household income/wealth on criminality is quite weak. Neighborhood wealth on criminality is maybe moderate. Most of the known portion of criminal variance is probably heritable.


geetarzrkool t1_iz5jsih wrote

Indeed, see SBF and Co. All from "great" families with lots of money....and they're the biggest crooks of all. Go figure?


Strazdas1 t1_iz43mm1 wrote

Yes we do. Because crime is a choice. Most people in poverty are not criminals.


Monkey-Around2 t1_iz4fnzx wrote

But is most crime by people in or of poverty?


Strazdas1 t1_iz4gjat wrote

Its false equivalence. The same reasons that lead to poverty also lead to crime. Poverty itself does not lead to crime.


Monkey-Around2 t1_iz4gpe4 wrote

I was not suggesting that poverty leads to crime. It was merely a question to the audience.

I would in-fact suggest that most crime produced comes from those with money or influence.


geetarzrkool t1_iz5jjn7 wrote

Not true at all. There are places that are far more poor than these areas and have far less violence. Thanks for demonizing poor people though!


TikTrd t1_iz3yxfe wrote

So what they're saying is the Broken Windows Theory was correct?


Emberashh t1_iz4v89p wrote

No. Quality of life isn't only lowered by minor crimes, and the part of that theory that calls for aggressive and excessive policing of those crimes has definitively shown to just not work.


TikTrd t1_iz5olwb wrote

You're confusing the original theory with how it was later adapted