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ConsciousLiterature t1_iz3vaap wrote

>Ari's point is that past a certain point of endogamy, the Ashkenazi are genetically distinct enough that they sort of share enough features that they kinda constitute their own race.

Kinda? Sounds like he wants to stretch the definition to make the ashkenazi feel special.

>Well, to quote his words, specifically responding to the question of "how can it be a race," he says "cause you can pick a Jew out of a lineup."

Can you though? really?


-domi- t1_iz3x0ji wrote

He contrasts it with Catholics, and in that sense i kinda see his point. Then again, there are Judaic Africans, so it's obviously not that simple. His point was definitely to shame Ashkenazi people over inbreeding, and when i recently saw a post in /r/dataisbeautiful of a user showing a graph of his mother's Ashkenazi genealogy (probably the wrong term, but i don't remember the term they used for the graph), it was obvious that the different "branches" were relatively closely related, and the whole thing looped.