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Publius82 t1_j2ekt2f wrote

That's often the way it turns out, but it's still a very important part of the scientific process. The real issue is why these basic ass studies weren't done/taken seriously decades ago


YoungHeartOldSoul t1_j2elar7 wrote

It's not that scientists didn't want to, they want to know everything. Having these things be so illegal is partly to prevent their study, drug companies know damn well that psilocybin and THC stand to threaten those control of the masses.


UnkleRinkus t1_j2f34wd wrote

No argument at all. The Johns Hopkins studies on psilocybin, among others underway, are showing very promising results for treatment resistant depression patients, of whom I am one. About 70 percent of patients experience relief for several weeks after a 20 mg dose. Microdosing is not showing results better than placebo at this time

The war on drugs rhetoric impeded progress for a long time, but seems to be relaxing.


dekalbavenue t1_j2exhsp wrote

Because they were federally illegal to study..?


Publius82 t1_j2fbbxx wrote

Yes of course, I'm not criticizing scientists as a whole, I'm criticizing policy makers.