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SwansonHOPS t1_j2fdzus wrote

>It is likely that the minimum dose to achieve this effect varies by mass.

Why do you say this is likely?


Gastronomicus t1_j2fjt6b wrote

For the same reason I gave here:

>But the 100 kg person is larger and almost certainly requires more of the same drug to achieve the same blood concentration.

More mass = higher necessary dosage. A greater volume of blood/body fluids means a more diluted product in the bloodstream. Beyond a certain dosage the effect might be similar because you've saturated the receptors. Not sure that applies here or not, probably not since higher dosages are linked to more intense experiences.


SwansonHOPS t1_j2flbeq wrote

The only two drugs I know of that are mass-dependent are DXM and alcohol. Where are you getting that, in general, more mass = higher necessary dosage?