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JasonVanJason t1_j2fk8ow wrote

When I'm on mushrooms, very rare instance to happen, I piss into a cup, drink it and get high again.


PuerhBear t1_j2ftvfv wrote

As an avid user/producer of psilocybin-containing fungi, you're off your rocker mate. Regardless of the potential efficacy of drinking your laced urine, it's entirely unnecessary and ridiculous. That being said, there are traditional rituals in which amanita muscaria are processed through the digestive tracks of reindeer and the urine then consumed, but that has an entirely separate active ingredient with wildly different effects.


JasonVanJason t1_j2fu8cz wrote

Being off my rocker would be the point of consuming mushrooms, not sure why you chose to respond other than adding the reindeer part, that's cool.