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BoredMamajamma OP t1_iz6nqhf wrote

> Under normal body-heat conditions, the researchers found that nasal extracellular vesicles were deployed with success by acting as decoys that directly bind and block viral entry.

>”Those extracellular vesicles actually bind to the viruses, which are suspended in the nasal mucus,” says lead author Di Huang of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Eye and Ear.

>In colder temperatures, a sparser net of fewer extracellular vesicles was deployed in tests involving two rhinoviruses and a coronavirus that are typical of the winter flu season.

Bottom line is temperature related changes in the innate immune system may drive greater infectivity of colds in cooler months.


stockjonesmackboy t1_iz6pn2f wrote

Would dressing warm mitigate this effect?


303elliott t1_iz6ss45 wrote

There wasn't enough information in the article for me to come to a direct conclusion. Their own conclusion was that developing these vesicles artificially could be a solution, which has nothing to do with temperature. But your question does have me curious!

I had a friend who is Mexican, he told me he always wore a scarf out in the cold because Mexican culture believed directly inhaling cold air could make you sick. Looking back, I wonder if there was more wisdom in that claim than I originally gave him credit for


WellIllBeJiggered t1_iz7hwi6 wrote

I heard an "expert" on a radio program a few years ago claim that wearing a scarf, even loosely around the neck, helped to collect your exhaled viruses and reduce the inhaled viruses. The closer it came to covering the nose, the greater the protection.

I'll try locate the source

E: radio program archives don't go back that far


1skepticalguy t1_izaa6cr wrote

This is literally why people in most Asian countries wear masks in public if they even feel slightly ill. It's considered to be the polite thing to do to protect others.


303elliott t1_iz9gykb wrote

Huh. I mean, that would actually make sense. Viruses love clinging to moisture, and sometimes reducing viral load is enough to not get sick, depending on the virus


thomastavish t1_iza8qm9 wrote

That's why some people wear mask. It could help to lessen your inhale viruses.


Pascalwb t1_iz9dt8p wrote

This is same in Europe and many other places. Older people saying to dress warm because you will get ill. Of course you don't get ill from the cold itself, but it does not help if your body is cold and has to work hard to stay warm.


303elliott t1_iz9hbfc wrote

This is a little different. In the US they have the same belief, and there's a lot of evidence that staying warm actually does prevent getting sick because your body isn't wasting energy on extra metabolism, energy which could be instead used on your immune system. His belief was strictly about inhaling cold air. No open windows at night, no going out without a scarf covering your mouth.


karokaroe t1_iz97148 wrote

Not usually though, maybe lessen taking showers or make it warm for atleast your body can resist.


happydeadz t1_izb0ggu wrote

Weak immune system is really the main reason is. If they could be able to maintain healthy, then viruses won't come easily at you.


Smooth_Imagination t1_iz7261b wrote

>This paper uncovers a very robust mechanism that explains a lot

It helps explain. This isn't the first time that impaired mucosal immunity has been identified as a root cause. Prior to this the impact of cold air was discovered to inhibit the functioning of dendritic cells, which physically sample anything strange and coordinate to other immune cells in the innate immune system to respond. These play the central role in coordinating immune response in the mucosal system, as well among their various types later responses via B cells. If they are rendered dysfunctional for several hours by cold air you can see why you would be vulnerable. Viruses ensnared by extracellular vesicle components would also be phagocytised and likely recognised by dendritic cells. The swallowed mucous then presents to payers patches in the gut to expand the response to antigens more systemically.

I can find little follow up research on this, but I remember reading about this discovery by a scientist some years ago.


Johnmagee33 t1_iz79yo3 wrote

Wearing a mask can keep the nose a little warmer and prevent some colds from taking hold. It is like a nose coat.


Mark_Efo t1_iz95p0p wrote

Being protected by wearing winter clothes including mask is bad though. If it makes you feel warm, make this as suggestion.


hoffsta t1_iz77ksk wrote

So does this mean that, in the winter, people in Chicago get more sick on average than people in San Diego?


fbarbosa84 t1_izay4vz wrote

Probably, because when the temperature in Chicago is lower than San Diego, it could be then.


aswhole t1_iz8gs8o wrote

I had read somewhere that there was less humidity in the winter air, which allows the viruses to float around longer and thus makes it easier to spread around versus in the Spring/Summer where the viruses are able to float around less before they get pulled to the ground.


ren0808 t1_iza6hwn wrote

I agree with you, I have read a lot of those too. The more it cold the more the viruses stay and even multiply.


munchmills t1_iz94hvb wrote

Shouldn't this mean that mouth breathers would get sick more easily?


w8n4am88 t1_iz9dx4e wrote

I know its not exactly hard scientific evidence but my mate lives in dubai he says everyone is ill over there atm with the same colds and bugs people have over here (uk) Its 30c + over there atm ..


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bogeuh t1_iz71slw wrote

And also viruses like cold damp conditions and humans being huddling together in those same conditions


dnbpsy t1_izad14w wrote

Viruses tend to stay longer when it's cold. That's why people get sick easily.


Strategy_pan t1_iz7dd04 wrote

We need small nose hats!


Loip00009 t1_iz90z28 wrote

HAHAHHAAHAHHA you made me laugh though. If factories can make one, why not?


robdiqulous t1_iz811ke wrote

I just read a thing about the average human temperature has been lowering. Wonder if that is going to have an effect as well.


chdu87 t1_iza89c2 wrote

It maybe. The coldness could be a probably reason why the temperature is been lowering.


oleksandr_miller t1_izatfkc wrote

Because of the weather itself. It's cold during that time. Many people usually younger and the older ones can resist winter season.


trancepx t1_iz6y7gd wrote

I thought it was widely known that food safety logic also applies to all life forms susceptibility to opportunistic pathogens. Consider emperature risk zones for pathogens to thrive, of course this would also apply to human organs, and why fevers are a thing.


briansonoftim t1_iz9kynv wrote

Can be though. Food intakes could possibly affect the condition of a person.


averagemaleuser86 t1_iz6y4dh wrote

Uh, are you sure it's not for the simple reason that people aren't outdoors spread out like in the summer and pretty much stay inside more out of the cold... closer to other people doing the same?


elchurro223 t1_iz714ld wrote

I've never understood that argument. I don't change my habits too much in the winter time vs. summer. I may go biking outside more in the summer, but it's not like I replace those hours with more time with other ppl.

Maybe since I go to work with a buncha ppl with kids and their kids go to school with other germ factories, then the parents get sick, who then bring it to work.


averagemaleuser86 t1_iz71ixs wrote

In general more people tend to stay inside. I'm not out running when it's 30* I'll do do my running when I'm at the gym. Instead of gym then run the neighborhood when I get home in warm weather. I'll tend to stay inside the bar/restaurant instead of out on the patios when it's freezing cold. Same with work. Instead of having the bay doors open and kind of wondering around outside, all the shop doors will be closed and me and my coworkers generally stay inside so we're closer together when talking, etc.


optagon t1_iz7333f wrote

I don't buy it. In the winter I will stay at home alone much more and in the summer I will spend time in parks, going to parties and concerts. But even in my isolation I am kinda sick all winter, every winter.


jdeko t1_iz7s3ch wrote

Are you all people?


jEErc t1_iz9ctfj wrote

Of course they are. Well it depends on your mood though. We can't just argue something we can't control.


AlpLyr t1_iz8r40s wrote

Please recognize that your habits and behavior changes do not necessarily apply to everyone else. And that one is typically not very good at gauging what others do.

But I assume you go to work in the winter too? And get groceries, etc? Places where you meet other people…


bobbi21 t1_iz8r8jt wrote

Ypu go to work i presume.. and other people srent like you amd spend time with people and get sick and infect you.

If you were really isolated you would never get sick.


aliceblackhoney t1_iz95k65 wrote

Same here. Well but I prefer more on winter season, it so peaceful for me. But summer is also great too.


[deleted] t1_iz7h4tl wrote



tornpentacle t1_iz7ktod wrote

I look forward to reading your paper about it. :-p


continentalgrip t1_iz7s4g2 wrote

There have been plenty of papers written about it of course. This was my specialty (aerosol physics) at a national lab for a few years though I didn't publish on evaporation rates. Thanks for the nasty moronic response. I should just stop bothering.


DistributedIntellect t1_iz7jt45 wrote

so it was the cold and the bacteria...both



anor_wondo t1_iz8zuso wrote

Reddit is the only place where people state with confidence that cold has nothing to do with it but the other things it causes (like people huddling closer).

On the other hand, not a single doctor has denied me that cold environments make you more susceptible.

For me getting a throat infection from drinking cold water has close to 100% correlation


600031795 t1_iz92a2n wrote

Possibly, that's why people get sick because of the viruses they get.