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Thecleaner1975 t1_izcz1ov wrote

I'm male and generally healthy. No asthma, smoking, etc. Spent 7 days in hospital in early '21. I've always had a mild to average anxiety. I cannot smell skunk at all anymore. My wife will be gagging and I would never know if she did not tell me about the smell. About 2 weeks out of every month I smell a electrical burning smell mixed with old cardboard and dirty sweat socks. Clean my sinuses out a lot and it doesn't help. Drives me crazy. My anxiety is worse now and I cannot concentrate like I used to at work.


Weird-Fox-4036 t1_izdih50 wrote

LDN and a stellate ganglion blockage brought me my taste and smell back after more than a year without it. The microglia are overactive and therefore pro inflammatory of the CNS. Both things can lower it and seriously saved me.

All CNS calming activities, breathing exercises, gentle! Movement, meditation, Vagus nerve exercises can help too.- that's actual science, with those keywords you can Google for the papers..

Everything anti inflammatory helps too. Preventing blood sugar spikes, pro and prebiotics for gut health (biiig part of the whole system). Histamine free diet and antihistamines

Bosweliac acid (2g a day), high vit C, Sanopal forte


Time-Lime t1_izdjzv0 wrote

This is all true and good advice. I would just like to add SSRI as another potential tool. SSRIs have significant anti-neuroinflammatory effects.


Weird-Fox-4036 t1_izdlgqd wrote

True, thx, I always forget then because I don't take them .. just be careful, as some have serotonin problems and are more likely to develope serotonin syndrome. Which isn't fun


Time-Lime t1_izdlkr7 wrote

Yeah, although serotonin syndrome is very low risk as long as you dont mix with the wrong drugs/supplements haha...But yes there are risks. All about weighing up the potential benefits vs risks at the end of the day.


Weird-Fox-4036 t1_izdlph0 wrote

Yes, but many long COVID patients have dysfunctioning neurotransmitter adapters and are more likely to get it.. that's why it makes sense to mention it


Mountainstreams t1_izer4ik wrote

Breathing exercises trigger heart palpitations & stomach spasms with my wife that take a few days to fully dissipate after. A few doctors & holistic health practitioners suggested to try it while connected to eeg ecg etc but they only saw ectopic beats & suggested it might be vagus nerve damage. She was prescribed LDN, which she hasn’t tried yet. Do you think Did the LDN help your vagus nerve?


Weird-Fox-4036 t1_izetb3d wrote

It's all connected, the CNS gets damaged by covid, especially the microglia are overactive and keeping the neuroinflammation up. The vagus nerve is one part of the CNS and therefore inflammed too. The LDN lowers the activation of microglia and neuroinflammation. Furthermore it slows auto-immune actions and improves neurotransmitters. It helped me a lot. Most helpful for my Vagus nerve was the stellatum ganglion blockage. I seizured and fainted in the beginning when I tried breathing exercises. Then I got an oximeter (most long COVID patients have chronic hyperventilation) and just tried to get the oxygen level down by concentrating on breathing out longer than inhaling. There is no need for special exercises, breathing out longer already has a positive effect. I also got the polar H10 and the autonom health app, it measures your HRV and gives direct feedback of the state of how Parasympathicus and sympathicus work together.


Mountainstreams t1_izeveuu wrote

That’s interesting that you had the same symptoms as my wife from the breathing exercises. Up until now most doctors are surprised she can’t handle them. Her case is a bit unusual though because she started getting the stomach spasms & heart palpitations an hour after her second Covid vaccine & they dissipated somewhat over the next 3 weeks. Her cardiologist said that he sees a lot of the same POTS like symptoms from Covid & the vaccine but most people improve over time. She is a lot better now than she was last year but her vagus nerve still seems to get relapses every few months & doctors don’t seem to understand it. The neurologists seemed to understand it the least. It seems like any immune stressor can trigger it, be that a common cold or Covid infection or even a stomach bug. We’re hoping some breakthrough research comes out on the neurological side of long Covid in the next year or two since it feels like personal experimentation at the moment. But I think we will pursue trying LDN once we made sure it doesn’t interact with POTS medication! A stellate ganglion block is also on our list of possible treatments but were going through the list slowly & carefully for now.


Weird-Fox-4036 t1_izewunc wrote

My docs meant that my whole CNS (including vagus nerve) is highly inflamed due to covid. First studies show that this is the reason for many neurological symptoms. I have developed severe pots too and take several meds for it, obviously check with your doc, but it's a pretty common combination. Also for pots, as it's also connected to autonomic dysfunctioning. I would startreally low, like 0,5 mg, and try different day times. I started with 1,5mg and the first two weeks were hell, I had insomnia and insane migraines, but then I changed to mornings and then I only had some more headaches for some more weeks and now I don't have any side effects, as long as I take it in the morning. But my cognitive function and neurological health keeps improving.. I would do my own research and try different things, as everyone reacts pretty different to LDN. And I wanted to skip it several times but I'm really happy I stayed with it.

Wish you good luck


Mountainstreams t1_izexmcj wrote

Thanks for the tips. We were worried about the side effects alright. She was getting bad migraines for a while until we switched to magnesium glycinate from citrate as one of her supplements. She only had brain fog in the early months thankfully, but she does get fibromyalgia & costochondritis. It was actually her rheumatologist that prescribed the LDN for the pain side of things. But it might be the case that all the symptoms fit together.


KaanyeSouth t1_izdk9xr wrote

Im male and generally healthy. No asthma, smoking etc. Caught covid, felt fluey for 3 days and then was mostly fine apart from the slightest sniffle. After a week wouldnt have even knew i caught it.