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Weird-Fox-4036 t1_izewunc wrote

My docs meant that my whole CNS (including vagus nerve) is highly inflamed due to covid. First studies show that this is the reason for many neurological symptoms. I have developed severe pots too and take several meds for it, obviously check with your doc, but it's a pretty common combination. Also for pots, as it's also connected to autonomic dysfunctioning. I would startreally low, like 0,5 mg, and try different day times. I started with 1,5mg and the first two weeks were hell, I had insomnia and insane migraines, but then I changed to mornings and then I only had some more headaches for some more weeks and now I don't have any side effects, as long as I take it in the morning. But my cognitive function and neurological health keeps improving.. I would do my own research and try different things, as everyone reacts pretty different to LDN. And I wanted to skip it several times but I'm really happy I stayed with it.

Wish you good luck


Mountainstreams t1_izexmcj wrote

Thanks for the tips. We were worried about the side effects alright. She was getting bad migraines for a while until we switched to magnesium glycinate from citrate as one of her supplements. She only had brain fog in the early months thankfully, but she does get fibromyalgia & costochondritis. It was actually her rheumatologist that prescribed the LDN for the pain side of things. But it might be the case that all the symptoms fit together.